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Setting up and connecting to a SQL database

This blog post may be a bit redundant, considering how ubiquitous SQL databases are today, but I thought I'd write a summary of what I've accomplished so far with configuring a simple MySQL database on my home LAN.

I haven't messed around with SQL too much, having never come across so much data that a database was required to organize it in a more manageable way. However, at some point in the future I know I'll come across this problem, so it's probably best to start learning the toolkit now.

For starters, I have a VM running a Ubuntu 18 server instance that's hosting a mysql-server install. Next, I've configured the SQL server to listen on, as opposed to just localhost, which is the bridged IP of the VM. EDIT 12/10: I've since edited the configuration file to allow incoming connections from any IP by setting this value to That way I can connect to it on port 3306 from any other machine. You may find these configuration options in…