Automate content inclusion after a certain date in LaTeX

While writing my resume in \(\LaTeX\) there were several events I wanted to add, but only after a certain date. Also, I don't want to wait until that date to include them; I want to type them up now, while I have time.

After a little research, I came across pgfcalendar. This page was probably the most helpful in describing its contents/functionality. It allows you to perform some action after, before, or on a certain date, in addition to a bunch of other things.

I've written the following macro utilizing this package. As an example date, we'll use PyCon (because I'm really hoping to be able to attend).

%              YYYY-MM-DD

  \pgfcalendarifdate{\year-\month-\day}{at least=#1}
  {#2}  % if true
  {#3}  % if false
We may use this command as follows.
    \href{}{PyCon},\ \ Portland,\ \ Oregon -- May,\ \ 2017
I've also added an executable bash script to my crontab to re-compile it daily with pdflatex, so it's always up-to-date.